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  • Eductrade is characterised by the transfer of technology and knowledge, as well as the study of the social impact achieved with its projects.

  • Eductrade provides and implements projects offering attractive solutions in the health sector, with the purpose of improving the quality of healthcare.

  • The leadership ability and experience that Eductrade has accumulated over 40 years allows it to design and implement unique projects in partnership with other companies and professionals.

  • Eductrade's field of activity is developed within high social content sectors: healthcare, education and training.

  • Eductrade was founded as an integration company and it has evolved with the market, currently providing highly specialised consultancy and engineering services.

Eductrade is a company that integrates the provision of technical support and consultancy services and equipment to develop and implement projects in high social content sectors.

  • HealthcareEductrade develops projects incorporating attractive solutions in the field of healthcare, with the aim of improving citizen's quality of care and promoting the population's universal access to healthcare.

    EducationEductrade designs and implements projects to improve and adapt educational systems to each community's needs in order to fully train students and promote independent learning and the development of skills.

    ConsultancySpecialised consultancy and training, from Eductrade's approach, helps to enrich and strengthen organizations and institutions, in addition to integrating human groups and promoting people. It also provides transversal support to projects that Eductrade implements.

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