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Eductrade's actions are based on a methodology that adapts the goods and services supplied to the context in which they are going to be implemented, with the aim of optimising efficiency and maximising impact.

Mode of action

Eductrade sees education as a strategic element guaranteeing equal opportunities for people and improved social and economic development.

Eductrade is a benchmark and leader in the field of educational projects. It has a team of highly qualified professionals with proven skills in both teaching and technology.

To make its projects feasible and sustainable, Eductrade looks for financing which is more favourable for the customer, develops training plans for users (managers, technicians, teachers, families and students) and provides innovative solutions to guarantee the sustained development of all the components making up the Education System.

Eductrade launches a series of actions that allow it to develop and monitor projects. These actions are:

  • Studies relating to all project cycle phases.
  • Identification, preparation, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • Comprehensive project management.
  • On-going consultancy for planning, organizing and developing education systems.

Field of activity

Eductrade is a provider of comprehensive educational solutions that are tailor-made for each project to guarantee the projects' sustainability.

  • Construction, design, equipment and commissioning "turnkey" educational centres.
  • Technical consultancy as the customer requires.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Financial consultancy.
  • Equipment supply:
    • Technological innovation.
    • Product quality.
    • Functional adaptation.
  • Management of products offered:
    • Quality Control.
    • Freight.
    • Transport to final destination.
    • Installation and commissioning.
    • User training.
    • Preparation of teaching guides and materials.
    • After-sales guarantee.

Major projects

Strengthening Technical Education. Ecuador

Hired by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education and Culture (2002-2004) to promote the adaptation of educational services centers Technical School to social and economic-productive needs of Ecuador: Improvement of facilities, equipment and technical schools consulting and Training.

University of Development Studies and Polytechnics. Ghana.

Project for the Ghanaian Ministry of Education and Sport (2004-2006), which included the construction and equipping four campuses of the University of Development Studies (University of Development Studies), and an extensive program of technical assistance and training for teachers involved in project.

Luoyang Henan Institute of Technology. China

Adequacy of laboratory infrastructure and supply of equipment and scientific and educational instruments. Assembly, installation and commissioning of equipment, training of teachers of the institution in the use, maintenance and application of didactic material provided under the project (2009-2010).

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