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Eductrade develops and offers projects incorporating innovative technology solutions to improve the quality of citizens' care and promoting the population's universal access to healthcare.

Mode of action

The Eductrade Healthcare Projects area has been designing and implementing medical and hospital equipment "turnkey" projects in the international arena for over 30 years, including different forms of financing (Bilateral, Multilateral, OECD Credits, PPP's, Competitive Dialogues, etc.).

Eductrade's work in Healthcare includes analysing and designing healthcare solutions, testing the sustainability and feasibility of each project, financial and profitability consultancy, as well as the comprehensive management and implementation of "turnkey" projects.

Project cycle phases

Eductrade is involved in all project cycle phases:

  • Identifications of needs, preparation of tenders, planning, installation, training, testing, evaluation and maintenance service.
  • Comprehensive healthcare project management.
  • Acting as the sole interlocutor, able to work with all actors involved in complex multidisciplinary projects: in architecture, builders, installers, medical and industrial equipment suppliers, logistics, after-sales, etc.
  • On-going consultancy in planning and organizing Healthcare Systems.

Field of activity

To meet the needs arising in the healthcare field, Eductrade offers comprehensive services tailored to each situation.

  • Design, construction, equipment supply, installation and commissioning of "turnkey" hospitals and healthcare centres.
  • Comprehensive Design of technical support projects.
  • Functional hospital unit equipment design.
  • Infrastructure study and design: hospital architecture and engineering.
  • Studies on projects' economic and financial feasibility.
  • Healthcare technology user training.
  • Hospital and healthcare centre maintenance technician training.
  • Medical equipment maintenance service.
  • Study, budgeting and supply of replacements for equipment.

Major projects

Santo Domingo and Babahoyo Hospital. Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security, Ecuador.

Project to supply and commission biomedical equipment for the secondary care Hospitals in Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas and Babahoyo. The project was developed in 2012 and 2013 with equity, under the international tender scheme amounting to US$27,683,961.54.

Villa El Libertador “Príncipe de Asturias” Municipal Hospital, Córdoba (Argentina).

Designing and developing a "turnkey" project for a small hospital for primary care in a suburb of the city of Córdoba (Argentina). This was financed with Development Assistance Funds (DAF) from Spain amounting to €9,398,275.91.

Strengthening the Healthcare Community. Ministry of Health. Indonesia.

The project was developed in 2000, with DAF credit from Spain amounting to US$25,801,358. Strengthening 188 Healthcare Centres throughout the country, including renovating buildings, the equipment thereof and training healthcare personnel.

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