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Eductrade's basic principles are to meet the needs expressed and the social commitment of the team, assured by a quality service which is sustainable over time.

Human capital is a differential advantage; the people who make up this team are a multidisciplinary and highly qualified group that have achieved high levels of professional success, due to their wide ranging experience in different sectors, thereby allowing a complementarity that has resulted in projects being developed more effectively.

The HR Department runs a competency-based management policy, which is used as a guide for professional development and improvement of individual performance. It likewise carries out an objective-based management system, which enables all personnel to be aligned in the same direction.

Eductrade offers opportunities for the following roles:

  • Commercial agents with experience in the Group's lines of work and the countries in which it operates.
  • Experts in foreign trade.
  • Experts in educational, healthcare, agri-industry, environmental and other kinds of equipment.
  • Trainers and experts in training management and development programmes.
  • Consultants in the fields of healthcare, education, institutional strengthening and micro-enterprises.
  • Equipment supply, training and technical support project managers with experience in developing countries.
  • Experts in financing social projects.

Professionals who wish to participate in projects with Eductrade may send in their curriculum vitae.

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