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University of Cuenca



Acquisition of equipment for strategic reinforcement of the electrical microgrid and bioenergy laboratories at the University of Cuenca.

The project’s objective is to strengthen the institution, particularly with respect to two of its laboratories, both as regards its supply of educational resources and its staff’s management capabilities and technical and instructional knowledge.

The core focus of our activity consists of meeting the needs of two laboratories at the University, located in the city of Cuenca

 894 K  USD


  • Provide specialised equipment to the laboratories at the centre
  • Laboratory made up of the following items, among others: Microgeneration kits for photovoltaic energy, three-phase energy converters, optimisers for photovoltaic solar panels...
  • Bioenergy laboratory, made up of: 5L laboratory reactor, methane potential test system, continuous two-stage bioreactor simulator, gas metering devices...
  • Provide training to staff at recipient laboratories. Conduct a programme consisting of in-person educational courses in project recipient laboratories offered by expert trainers, comprised of 2 courses with a total scheduled duration of 58 hours.
  • Provide technical support and maintenance for the equipment supplied while the technical warranty is in effect.  Provision of post-sale assistance: preventive and corrective maintenance services and warranty services.