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El Alto Sur Hospital


Provision of Equipment to El Alto Sur Hospital.

The high-specialty hospital, 21,000 m2 in size, specialises in oncology and offers nuclear medicine services, radiation therapy (2 linear accelerators) and a day hospital for oncology.  In addition to standard services, it will have 35 specialty areas.

With regard to hospital stays, the building will have 153 beds, a majority of which will be designated for use in the areas of gynaecology, obstetrics, surgery, paediatrics and neonatology.

  1.8 M USD


Clinical laboratory

  • Cytocentrifuges
  • Microcentrifuge.
  • Refrigerated centrifuges.
  • Binocular microscopes.
  • Fluorescence microscope.
  • Optical fluorescence microscope.
  • Trinocular microscope for urine and spermiograms.
  • Trinocular microscope for haematology.
  • Inverted microscope for immunology techniques.
  • Dual head diagnosis-discussion microscope.
  • Phase contrast microscope.
  • Haematology analyser.
  • Automated urine analysis equipment.
  • Automated haematology counter.
  • Gas and electrolyte analyser.
  • Horizontal platelet agitator.
  • Blood bank weighing scale.
  • Water distiller.

Ancillary laboratory equipment

  • Upright freezers.
  • Hospital refrigerators for blood bags.
  • Pharmacy refrigerators for laboratories.
  • Safety cabinets.
  • Desktop autoclaves.
  • Electronic scales.
  • Protein electrophoresis system.
  • Water baths with a thermostat.
  • CO2 incubator.
  • Incubation oven.
  • Laminar flow cabinet.
  • Biosafety cabinet.
  • Macro photography equipment.
  • Ultrapure water treatment station.
  • ELISA plate reader.