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Consulting / Training

We implement advisory, technical assistance and consulting services to governments and institutions of developing countries, which aim to support and strengthen their policies, strategies and service provision.

Areas of Action


    Primary care.

    Hospital care and specialized assistance.

    Healthcare economics and financing systems.

    Healthcare information systems.

    Technical and medical audits.


    Institutional strengthening and reform of the Educational System.

    Structuring of the educational system with the labour market.

    Design, organization, and management of training centres.

    Technical-scientific update for teachers.

    Management systems and quality assurance.

    Management of educational programme concessions.


    HR renovation.

    Improvement of Labour Training Systems for employment.

    Design of career plans and work itineraries.

    Development of training materials associated with professional profiles.

Recent projects

proyectos-educacion Spain 2020
That's English! Program
Ministry of Education
Peru 2021
Ministry of Labor
marruecos Morocco 2019
Ministry of Health