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A multidisciplinary team who develops projects at a global level

At Eductrade we are specialized in health consulting, offering consulting for Primary Care, Hospital Care and Specialized Care health. Also in health management for public and private companies; Health economics and development of hospital information systems.

Primary Healthcare Consulting

    We count with expert health consultants in primary care. They will help you to develop and manage the health project so that it is profitable and has the best services:

  • Strategic plans and territorial policy for organizing primary care networks.
  • Investment and financing plans. Management of PH centres.
  • Comprehensive reform programmes for primary care. Reference models related to other levels of assistance.
  • Development of home care services.

Hospital Consulting: Hospital care and Specialized Assistance

    At hospital consulting we offer different types of services in health management and advice, such as:

  • Hospital restructuring programmes. Introduction of business management tools.
  • Outsourcing and subcontracting services. Medicinal policy and its financing.
  • Supply, demand, production, and resource planning.
  • Investment plans in equipment and infrastructure. Functional plans and general plans (architecture and engineering). Hospital start-up plans.
  • Programmes for setting up multi-hospital systems.
  • Creation of specialized healthcare centres.
  • Hospital management through quality care policies for patients.

Healthcare Information Systems: Statistics on Health and Hospital and Management Information

In order to carry out a viable healthcare project with good management, it is essential to have healthcare management software. From Eductrade, we offer you support both with the creation, development and software’s implementation:

  • Development of information systems for the management of health networks, hospitals, and management teams.
  • Creation of intranet networks for information management in healthcare centres and service companies.
  • Preparation and introduction of case-mix hospital systems. Clinical information and nursing management systems.
  • Training of healthcare professionals in handling information and its interpretation.
  • Introduction of hospital management based on the clinical management of the departments.
  • Internal decentralization of decision-making and budget management.
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Management of service companies (public and private)

  • Creation of clinical laboratories, diagnostic imaging centres, physiotherapy and functional rehabilitation centres, clinics and healthcare centres specialized in specific pathologies and specific therapeutic procedures.
  • Models and plans for outsourcing services. Management of private and public companies for intermediate services. Viability, investment, and start-up plans for service centres/companies.