Hospital Antonio Lorena de Cusco

Hospital Antonio Lorena de Cusco

Eductrade has been awarded LOT 1 of the equipment project for the Antonio Lorena Hospital in Cusco, Perú.


The hospital, located in the province of Cusco, has a surface area of 38,000 m2. It has a total of 427 beds and 126 cots.

LOT 1 comprises the supply of essential equipment for radiotherapy, including:

  • Brachytherapy sources.
  • Dual energy dual type linear accelerators.
  • Tomography simulator for radiotherapy.


This set of equipment guarantees the Hospital’s comprehensive capacity for the treatment and accurate diagnosis of oncological diseases, reinforcing the early detection and rehabilitation of users.


Another hospital equipment and infrastructure project carried out by Eductrade.

Diversificación económica

proyecto consultoria lesoto

Eductrade, through its Consulting Department, is implementing the “Project to Support Economic Diversification: Application of the Lesotho Learning Strategy”.


The project has a duration of 9 months and is funded by the African Development Bank. The Ministry of Education and Training of Lesotho is the beneficiary of the programme. The objective of the project is to support private sector development by improving the development of partnerships, entrepreneurship and capabilities, increasing access to financing and the markets and promoting investments in select sectors that are essential for economic diversification.

The design of a learning programme (learning strategy and implementation roadmap) aims to bridge the gap between the skills provided by training institutions and the needs of the industry.

In particular, Eductrade will assist the tripartite organisation in Lesotho in establishing a dual curriculum pursuant to which graduates of higher education institutions are sufficiently exposed to industrial and business practices to meet market needs and/or can relatively easily enter self-employment or the private sector. In addition, the consultant is expected to develop clear guidelines for improving the effectiveness of the tripartite organisation in monitoring implementation of the dual curriculum.

New Hospital Zona Noroeste

Eductrade se adjudica el proyecto de construcción y equipamiento del Nuevo Hospital Zona Noroeste en Córdoba, Argentina.

The Northwest Hospital registers a progress of the work of 60,5%.

In 2022, Eductrade was awarded the construction and equipment project for the New Hospital Zona Noroeste in Córdoba, Argentina.


This project consists of the acquisition, installation, commissioning and training of the equipment for the New Hospital Zona Noroeste, located on a 12,000 m2 lot in the capital city’s Barrio Policial Anexo. The project is financed by the Province of Córdoba’s own funds. The bidding process was carried out through two processes in which Educated was awarded the contract.

According to Governor Martín Llaryora, the hospital, together with the Cura Brochero Early Attention Hospital, will form the network of public health centres which, with their extended coverage, will meet the demands of the capital city and the Greater Córdoba area, Villa Allende, Saldán and Uniquillo.

As part of our social commitment, it will be equipped with a photovoltaic installation that will supply enough renewable energy to cover 20% of the hospital’s total consumption.

According to Mayor Daniel Passerini:

This will be a hospital that will provide answers to a sector of the city that has grown a lot and needs this development. Investing in public health, caring for our people, continues to be the priority for Governor Martín Llaryora and for our municipality. Working together we are going to make Cordoba continue to get better every day.

Spain 2017

Supply, Renovation, Transfer, and Maintenance of the Surgical Area Equipment from ​​the Son Dureta Hospital to new facilities in Son Espasses.

Nicaragua – Ongoing

New hospital that increases healthcare coverage and improves the quality of healthcare services. It will have 396 beds, 8 operating rooms, and more than 65 specialized units.

Argentina – Ongoing

Comprehensive execution of the project. It has a sustainable approach capable of producing photovoltaic electrical energy through solar panels. This hospital will serve a regional demand of more than 100 thousand inhabitants. Currently under construction.