COFIDES loan Los Ríos-Los Lagos Network, Chile

COFIDES, the Spanish organization that promotes the development and growth of Spanish companies, is backing the Spanish multinational Eductrade by granting it a loan to finance and develop the Los Ríos-Los Lagos Network hospital project.


On Wednesday 20 March 2024, COFIDES signed a loan to Eductrade for more than 10 million euros, aimed at financing and developing the project to build the Los Ríos and Los Lagos Hospital Network in Chile.

Loan: 10.6 M €


Two representatives of COFIDES, Miguel Ángel Landero, Corporate Director of the Investment Department, and Ana Cebrián, Director of Internationalisation, visited our offices to formalise an agreement to finance our capital in the project.

This project, awarded by the Chilean Ministry of Public Works, consists of the construction and operation of the public works, together with GIA+A, for an amount of 270 million euros.

Hospital Antonio Lorena de Cusco – 2024

Hospital Antonio Lorena de Cusco

Eductrade has been awarded LOT 1 of the equipment project for the Antonio Lorena Hospital in Cusco, Perú.


The hospital, located in the province of Cusco, has a surface area of 38,000 m2. It has a total of 427 beds and 126 cots.

LOT 1 comprises the supply of essential equipment for radiotherapy, including:

  • Brachytherapy sources.
  • Dual energy dual type linear accelerators.
  • Tomography simulator for radiotherapy.


This set of equipment guarantees the Hospital’s comprehensive capacity for the treatment and accurate diagnosis of oncological diseases, reinforcing the early detection and rehabilitation of users.


Another hospital equipment and infrastructure project carried out by Eductrade.

CDM Antonio Díaz Miguel

Eductrade renews its contract to provide services for the Antonio Díaz Miguel Municipal Sports Center in 2023.


4,3 M €


The center has an area of 8,400 m2 distributed over five floors. It has the following facilities:

1 weight room (cardio, strength and free weights).

1 cycling room.

1 functional room.

2 multipurpose rooms.

Sports pavilion.

Indoor swimming pool and learning pool.


Eductrade first became involved with this sports center in 2008, with a concession contract for the management and operation of the center.

In 2019, the contract was changed to a five-year, €5 million service contract.

Plan de Igualdad, Eductrade

plan de igualdad eductrade

Following negotiations with trade unions and their representatives, the first social plan for equality was officially registered in December.

This plan establishes equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in employment and occupation as a fundamental principle of labour relations and human resources management at EDUCTRADE

Cuatro Caminos Municipal Sports Center

Eductrade was awarded the concession for the construction of the Cuatro Caminos Municipal Sports Center.


This is a public works concession from the Madrid City Council, which includes the design, financing, construction and operation of the center.

The duration of the contract is 24 years, of which one and a half years will be dedicated to the execution of the works starting in 2023. The remaining time will be dedicated to the operation of the center.

For more information, visit

Cuatro Caminos Municipal Sports Center in Madrid Cuatro Caminos Municipal Sports Center in Madrid Cuatro Caminos Municipal Sports Center in Madrid

Drinking water and sewage systems, Arequipa

Creation of two drinking water and sewage systems in the Cerro Colorado District, in the Region of Arequipa.


The Peru branch is carrying out, in collaboration with the Construction Company MSM, S.A., the works contracts that includes:

  • Creation of the drinking water systems depending on Reservoir N-39 and Reservoir N-31.
  • Sanitary Sewerage of the District of Cerro Colorado.


Eductrade will work within the framework of the National Urban Sanitation Program. The PNSU is attached to the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.

175 M $


  • Expand coverage.
  • Improve quality.
  • Promote sustainable use.


Of sanitation services in urban areas, to improve the population’s quality of life by influencing the improvement of health and nutrition.