Hospitales en Los Ríos y Los Lagos

The Ministry of Public Works of Chile awarded Eductrade, as part of a consortium with BlackRock and GIA+A, the contract for the construction and operation of the public work project known as Red de los Ríos – Los Lagos, valued at 270 million euros

Colaboración con el Ayto. Valladolid

Eductrade will collaborate with the City Council of Valladolid in submitting projects funded by the European Union.


Eductrade has been awarded the “Framework Agreement for the contracting of assistance in the preparation and drafting of proposals, studies and technical reports for the submission of projects and initiatives to the different European funding mechanisms by the City Council of Valladolid and its public sector entities”..


The Agreement is part of the Recovery Funds launched by the European Union, together with the new Multiannual Financial Framework and the Next Generation funds, aimed at mobilising investment through additional resources that are oriented toward a model of economic growth supported by the technological and digital revolution and a fair ecological transition by boosting investment in R&D and innovation. In order to address this scenario, the City Council of Valladolid needs to have sufficient technical and operational capabilities to obtain the highest possible success rates in its submission of proposals to the various European funding mechanisms, which is the main objective of the Framework Agreement.

Hospital Regional de Villa Dolores

Eductrade is in the final stage of the Villa Dolores Regional Hospital turnkey project in Córdoba (Argentina), through the architectural and functional design of the centre.


The Villa Dolores Regional Hospital is a project consisting of expanding, remodelling and upgrading the hospital to “highly complex” in order to provide healthcare to the residents of Villa Dolores and the Traslasierra Valley.




The hospital includes an area of 3590 m² that will be newly built and 4060 m² that will be remodelled. The development of the project is shown below.

The hospital consists of a Pharmacy Service, Laboratory, PICU, Diagnostic Imaging, Vaccination Centre, Neonatology, Delivery and Obstetrics Room, and Kinesiology and Surgery Room containing 3 operating rooms.




El Economista – Paco Mozos

We finished 2021 with an estimated turnover of 60 million euros, which represents an increase of 16% over the 52 million generated in 2020.

This trend is expected to continue in 2022, with revenue increasing up to 70-80 million euros, and in 2023, with an increase of up to 100 million.

Our aim is to acquire a portfolio valued at 277.8 million euros with pending grants in Chile, Costa Rica and El Salvador in the near future. The company also has a presence in other Latin American countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Honduras, as well as in Spain. Other target markets include Colombia, Panama and Peru.

Plan de Igualdad, Eductrade

Following negotiations with trade unions and their representatives, the first social plan for equality was officially registered in December.

This plan establishes equal treatment and opportunities for women and men in employment and occupation as a fundamental principle of labour relations and human resources management at EDUCTRADE

Diversificación económica

Eductrade, through its Consulting Department, is implementing the “Project to Support Economic Diversification: Application of the Lesotho Learning Strategy”.


The project has a duration of 9 months and is funded by the African Development Bank. The Ministry of Education and Training of Lesotho is the beneficiary of the programme. The objective of the project is to support private sector development by improving the development of partnerships, entrepreneurship and capabilities, increasing access to financing and the markets and promoting investments in select sectors that are essential for economic diversification.

The design of a learning programme (learning strategy and implementation roadmap) aims to bridge the gap between the skills provided by training institutions and the needs of the industry.

In particular, Eductrade will assist the tripartite organisation in Lesotho in establishing a dual curriculum pursuant to which graduates of higher education institutions are sufficiently exposed to industrial and business practices to meet market needs and/or can relatively easily enter self-employment or the private sector. In addition, the consultant is expected to develop clear guidelines for improving the effectiveness of the tripartite organisation in monitoring implementation of the dual curriculum.

Certificaciones ISO

Spanish companies are among the top ten in the world in the most important certifications: quality, environmental management, anti-bribery, information and food security, energy management and IT service quality.

Spain remains among the top ten countries in the world in the top twelve certification ranking and has advanced in the rankings of most of them. This was announced in the latest report issued by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for the 2019 fiscal year. AENOR, the leading certification body in Spain, has contributed significantly to our country’s outstanding position in the rankings.

The ISO Survey of Certificationsreport, the global benchmark in management system certification in accordance with ISO international standards, reflects an overall increase of 3.8% as compared to 2018. In 2019, almost 2 million centres globally and 100,000 centres in Spain were certified, which shows that companies and institutions see certification as an effective tool for improving their competitiveness and which, in turn, contributes to building trust.

Spanish companies hold the following positions in the main certifications:

Acceso a fondos UE

An order from the Ministry of Finance requires companies to have a compliance programme. Due to short deadlines, many of them may not accomplish this on time. 


As part of the requirements for accessing European funds, the Ministry of Finance is requiring companies to have a compliance plan in place that ensures that they have adopted the necessary measures to prevent and detect fraud, corruption and conflicts of interest.

Puestos fronterizos

The consortium comprised of Eductrade and Costa Rican construction company Gonzalo Delgado submits the best bid for the construction and equipping of border posts in the towns of Paso Canoas and Sabalito in southern Costa Rica.