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Eductrade offers various solutions for the educational system

These solutions range from institutional reinforcement for the design and implementation of policies to direct action on the system’s components for the implementation and improvement of their quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Education and Employment: Worker training and employability

  • Updating skills
  • Progress in qualifications.
  • Adaptation to a new professional profile.
  • Re-conversion for changing the productive sector.
  • Training on the job.

Education System

  • Institutional transformation of the Educational System and Vocational Training.
  • Institutional reform and strengthening.
  • Structuring of the educational system with the labour market.
  • Design of national professional qualification systems.
  • Design, organization, and management of training centres.
  • Technical-scientific update for teachers.
  • Inclusion of disadvantaged groups and vulnerable minorities.
  • Research and development of training products.
  • Quality management systems in educational centres.
  • Definition of management standards in training institutions.
  • Design of evaluation strategies.
  • Incorporation of innovation and technology transfer.
  • Construction, equipment, and commissioning of educational centres and reference centres for professional training.
  • Management of educational institutions and training programmes.
  • Design of teaching media and materials.

Postgraduate training (in collaboration with universities)

  • Creation of content for distance and online training.
  • Introduction of online training in postgraduate training.

Technical assistance specialized in Technical Education and Professional Training

  • Development of Technical Education and Professional Training Systems.
  • Design of professional profiles, CVs or résumés, and accreditation systems.
  • Educational Technology Projects.
  • Training Programmes for employment.
  • New methods and technologies for distance training and remote training.
  • Management of educational cooperation networks.
  • Social integration programmes (orientation and training).
  • Design and start-up of technical education and professional training centres in emerging sectors (facilities, equipment, curriculum, profiles, teacher training, new teaching modalities, etc.).

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