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Ecuador 2006
Strengthening the Technical Training (RETEC)

Ministry of Education


Technical Education Strengthening Project (RETEC) based on promoting the adequacy of educational services provided by Technical Baccalaureate centres for the social and economic-productive needs of Ecuador.

Improve the autonomy and strategic management capabilities of the central administration of the centres’ network to assist in adapting the Technical Baccalaureate.

 27.6 M EUR

  • Adjustment and improvement of the existing physical infrastructure.
  • Supply, assembly, installation, and commissioning of equipment.
  • Development of Technical Assistance and reinforcement of technological resources.
  • Education, training, and technical assistance programme for teachers and staff.
  • Curricular design of thirteen professional fields.

Scope of the project

  • Refurbishment of infrastructures to house the equipment. Direction and execution of civil works, installation of a telematic network and information system between reference centres.
  • Supply, assembly, installation, and commissioning of technological equipment in the workshops and laboratories of technical schools throughout the country. Leather industry, Construction, Carpentry, Clothing Industry, Aquaculture and Fishing, Tourism, Small Industry, Handicrafts, Agricultural-Livestock, Industrial, Administration, and Commerce.




Technical Assistance Programme

  • Strengthening of technological resources and execution of a Training, Qualification, and Technical Assistance Programme for teachers and educational administrations, including the organization and implementation of a programme for managers and teachers. 2,080 trained teachers.
  • Design of curricula and work methodology. Agrarian Activities, Food Industry, Administration, Automotive Industry, Leather Industry, Ceramics, Construction, Electricity and Electronics, Hospitality, Computer Science, Industrial Mechanics, Tourism, and the Clothing Industry.