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Ambato University

Ambato University


Acquisition of laboratory equipment to strengthen the operational research unit for food technology at Ambato Technical University.

The project’s objective is to strengthen the institution, particularly with respect to the laboratory housing its operational research unit for food technology, both as regards its supply of educational resources and its staff’s management capabilities and technical and instructional knowledge.

 441 K USD


  • Provision of equipment and ancillary services: Supply, installation, start-up and testing of equipment.
  • Training: Conduct a programme consisting of in-person educational courses in the project recipient laboratory offered by expert trainers, comprised of 5 courses with a total scheduled duration of 43 hours, each directed to a minimum of 4 technicians or instructors responsible for the use, operation and/or maintenance of the equipment, covering theoretical and practical aspects of the features, calibration, operation, application, maintenance and resolution of  typical problems experienced by the equipment supplied.
  • Provision of post-sale assistance: preventive and corrective maintenance services and warranty services.  Technical support during business hours set for monitoring and management of equipment maintenance.