Projects Breadcrumb Connector Analytical Laboratories (UNACIFOR)

National School of Forestry Sciences (UNACIFOR)

Siguatepeque, Honduras - 2017


Implementation of a wood energy program to strengthen analytical laboratories for research and technology transfer.


Integral execution for the National University to develop the conditioning, equipment and organization of seven laboratories, consolidate research capabilities through the specialization in wood energy and strengthen technology transfer.

Contribute to the sustainable development of the country by strengthening laboratories and training human resources.

 2.0 M $


  • Strengthen the seven existing laboratories (chemistry, physics, herbarium, soils, wood technology, geographic information center and wood energy) by refurbishing, equipping and organizing them.
  • To create research capabilities through the specialization of 10 researchers and 7 laboratorians in wood energy.
  • Establish an annual institutional training and technology transfer program for wood energy.

Project scope
  • Execution of the remodeling and refurbishment of the spaces occupied by the seven laboratories.
  • Supply, installation, commissioning and operational testing of laboratory equipment.
  • Training of researchers and laboratorians in the operation and maintenance of the equipment supplied.
  • Classroom courses of: Atomic absorption spectrophotometer and its controller, visible Ultraviolet, Electric power generation plant, solar energy, etc.
  • Specialization in wood energy. Completion of a training itinerary with placements.
Technology transfer
  • Incorporation of the MOODLE e-learning tool in the Project.
  • Self-training for the MOODLE course.
  • Accreditation of training.
  • Elaboration of a diagnosis on training needs in wood energy.
  • Definition of the topics of the training events to be held by type of user.
  • Preparation of the programs for the six events.
  • Elaboration of didactic folders, informative manuals and acquisition of bibliographic material for training in the four specific lines of research on wood energy.