Projects Breadcrumb Connector Nicaragua 2006

Nicaragua 2006

National Technological Institute


Methodological Technical Strengthening of 7 agricultural and forestry vocational training centres in Nicaragua.

Comprehensive strengthening of six technical centres for the agricultural and forestry sector located in the municipalities of Chinandega, Nandaime, Juigalpa, Matagalpa, Estelí, and Nueva Guinea, and another industrial sector technical centre located in the city of Jinotepe. Acquisition of technical and didactic equipment, technical training for teachers and professional training instructors, and remodelling of the existing infrastructure.

Supply, assembly, installation, and commissioning of equipment for the agribusiness, livestock, and forestry sectors.

 5.6 M EUR


  • Mini-plants for processing meat, dairy, vegetables, and fruit products, as well as quality control laboratories.
  • Equipment for agricultural mechanization, soil and water analysis laboratories, meteorology laboratories, biology laboratories, and irrigation systems.
  • Equipment for livestock handling, livestock feed processing, artificial insemination, and mechanical and automated milking.
  • Reforestation workshop, seed bank, sawmill, wood drying and treatment, and cabinetmaking workshop.
  • IT and audio-visual equipment.
  • Provision of equipment for the industrial sector.
  • Design and development of a Teacher Training Plan and a Technical Assistance and Equipment Maintenance programme aimed at the technological-didactic updating of the technical teaching staff of the project’s beneficiary Institutes, taught through courses and internships in Spain.
  • Post-sale services.