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New Hospital Zona Noroeste

Córdoba, Argentina - 2022


The Northwest Hospital registers a progress of the work of 60,5%.

In 2022, Eductrade was awarded the construction and equipment project for the New Hospital Zona Noroeste in Córdoba, Argentina.


This project consists of the acquisition, installation, commissioning and training of the equipment for the New Hospital Zona Noroeste, located on a 12,000 m2 lot in the capital city’s Barrio Policial Anexo. The project is financed by the Province of Córdoba’s own funds. The bidding process was carried out through two processes in which Educated was awarded the contract.

According to Governor Martín Llaryora, the hospital, together with the Cura Brochero Early Attention Hospital, will form the network of public health centres which, with their extended coverage, will meet the demands of the capital city and the Greater Córdoba area, Villa Allende, Saldán and Uniquillo.

As part of our social commitment, it will be equipped with a photovoltaic installation that will supply enough renewable energy to cover 20% of the hospital’s total consumption.

According to Mayor Daniel Passerini:

This will be a hospital that will provide answers to a sector of the city that has grown a lot and needs this development. Investing in public health, caring for our people, continues to be the priority for Governor Martín Llaryora and for our municipality. Working together we are going to make Cordoba continue to get better every day.

  • Public Tender for the construction of a new building in the New Northeast Hospital. 
It is already in execution. It involves the construction of a new building of the New Hospital Zona Noroeste, with a covered surface of 6,010 m2 and 760 m2 of semi-covered surface. It is a project with a total surface area of 6,770 m2.  

9,5 M €

  • International Public Tender for the acquisition of medical equipment for the New Northeast Hospital. 
It includes the contracting of the supply of equipment, facilities and materials to be used, transportation assembly, installation and testing, testing and commissioning of the equipment at its final destination. It also includes the maintenance and warranty of the equipment; the development of a training program for users and operators of the acquired goods and equipment; and a Technical Assistance Program.  

4,8 M €