Projects Breadcrumb Connector Senegal 2008

Senegal 2008

Ministry of Agriculture


Control of Product Quality and Agricultural Productivity, Phase II. Contrôle de la Qualité et de la productivité agricoles 2, COQAP2

Supply of goods and services to Senegalese structures belonging to the Project for Product Quality Control and Agricultural Productivity, Phase II, including installation and commissioning.

The project includes the supply of scientific laboratory equipment.

 800 K EUR

  • Production of vaccines.
  • Research on contaminants.
  • Adaptation of plants to drought.
  • Horticultural development – Genetic research.
  • The project is complemented with providing a set of spare parts for the equipment delivered, training teachers in the use and maintenance of the equipment, developing specific Management and Maintenance Plans aimed at ensuring the sustainability of the project, as well as with providing the corresponding technical guarantee backed by a local post-sales service.
  • Assessment and supervision in carrying out the improvement, adaptation, and conditioning works of the premises meant to house the supplied equipment, as well as providing the required pre-installations for the subsequent installation of the equipment.