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Balearic Islands. Ibiza

New Can Misses Hospital


Supply of medium- and low-tech equipment for the new Can Misses hospital centre in Ibiza, with 299 beds in a constructed area of 72,248 m2.

Comprehensive execution and leasing with the option to purchase medium- and low-tech equipment.

Equipment replacement and availability for the Surgical Area for 7 years, ensuring the availability of equipment, technological renovation, and comprehensive maintenance of equipment and auxiliary devices.

It has 299 beds and a total constructed area of 72,248 m2.

 4 M USD

  • Supply in different medical specializations: ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, nursing, haematology, pulmonology, cardiology, dermatology...
  • Laboratory equipment for microbiology services, pharmacy...
  • Operating equipment for traumatology, rehabilitation, psychiatry...