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That's English!

Skills improvement

Service for the development of teaching materials to adopt and extend the current contents of the programme That’s English! to level C1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, of the english language in the distance and blended learning mode, by the Geneal Department of Lifelong Guidance and Learning

Preparation of the necessary teaching materials to complement the material in the current modules 11 and 12 of the That's English! programme so that they are suitable for teaching level C1 English in the distance and blended learning modes.

 500 K EUR


  • The process includes the production of two textbooks (Modules C1.1 and C1.2), two workbooks and audio and video materials complementary to the existing ones as described below.

Tasks to do

  • Introductory sections with presenters (one man and one woman) for all units of the renewed versions of the modules corresponding to level C1. The section was recorded in a studio with a similar decor to those of the existing modules.
  • Friends' Talk: 18 videos based on a partially scripted conversation between three or four native speakers on a personal or current topic related to the corresponding unit, with insertions of individual comments from some of the participants.
  • All components have the option of subtitles
  • Real audio material (from radio programmes or podcasts)
  • Real video material from 9 reports broadcast as part of a news programme.

  • Introductory pages (credits, table of contents and introduction)
  • Units 1-9
  • Examination preparation unit
  • Self-assessment section
  • Grammar section (theory and exercises)
  • Written expression reference section
  • Pronunciation guide
  • Answer key

  • Bearing in mind that That's English! is broadcast on TVE (Spanish Public Broadcasting Corporation) and is presented in its online A la carte programming, two 15-minute television programmes were produced for each unit of the new C1 level, similar to those already existing in That's English! 
  • Presentation: Opening sequence and first appearance of the hosts.
  • Video of the series 12, Penn Road, already existing, with insertion of the interventions of the new hosts.
  • Extended version of the already existing Street Interviews section, with insertions of the interventions of the new hosts.
  • Presentation: Opening sequence and hosts.
  • In the odd-numbered units of module C1.1 and in the even-numbered units of module C1.2, the same documentary that already exists in the current modules 11 and 12. In the even-numbered units of module C1.1 and in the odd-numbered units of module C1.2, the new video report.

  • This included a team of authors, screenwriters and content editors whose mother tongue is English and who had extensive experience in teaching and producing materials for learning English as a second language.
  • Carrying out the layout, illustration, design and editing for the creation of the book masters
  • Necessary actions, prior to their availability for use, for the creation of the masters of production of the audio and video supports used in the course (USB or DVD)