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That’s English! Program

Ministry of Education

Skills improvement

That’s English! is an educational programme aimed at teaching the English language through distance learning.

Multi-year administrative concession for the management of public services for the Ministry of Education.

That's English! is an educational program for teaching the English language through distance learning. Currently, about 25,000 students are participating, distributed among approximately one hundred Official Language Schools belonging to fourteen Autonomous Communities.

 20.0 M EUR

  • In-house design and development of the App with new content.

  • Training of teachers-tutors.

  • Tailor-made technological development and maintenance of the Learning Platform (LMS).

  • Edition, printing, publication and integration of teaching materials on the platform.


  • Provide technical support to the Ministry to manage the Program’s technical, logistical, and accounting aspects and ensure the most appropriate and effective service in terms of student care, support to the Official Language Schools (EOI), and the Educational Administration in the development of the Program.




  • Assistance for the Program's students and teachers.
  • Services related to the program's curriculum and the creation and preparation of teaching materials.
  • Establish management procedures that guarantee maximum quality.
  • Carry out the editing, digitization, publication, and integration of the Program’s teaching materials on the LMS platform.
  • Prepare the design and advise on the services required for providing online tutorials.
  • The Program's management, administration, and comprehensive financial, accounting, budgetary, and fiscal advice.
  • The design, development, and maintenance of the events required by the Program.
  • Services related to the dissemination of the English learning programme and student enrolment.