Business Area Breadcrumb Connector Technical Assistance for town twinning between Turkey and the EU (Phase II – Twinning for a Green Future)

Project Eductrade- Turkey 2023 Technical Assistance for city twinning between Turkey and the EU (Phase II - Twinning for a Green Future)



Eductrade is awarded its second project in Turkey.

The project will begin shortly and will run for the next 24 months.

Its main goal is to improve the dialogue between Turkish and EU local authorities and to strengthen their capacities to implement climate and environment-based actions.

During the implementation of the contract, the following results are expected to be achieved:

  • Increasing the quantity and quality of twinning arrangements between cities with green future themes, as well as effective promotion and involvement of key stakeholders, such as civil society and citizens at the local level, in these activities.
  • Enhancing the capacities of key institutions in grant monitoring, reporting and implementation.
  • Increasing the Program's visibility at national and international level.
  • Enhancing the capacities of key institutions and local authorities on green future, sustainable urbanization and Chapter 27 of the EU acquis.
  • Preparing and publishing a roadmap for climate finance to guide new funding opportunities.
  • Increasing communication between local authorities in Turkey and the EU, as well as the participation of Turkish local authorities in EU networks.

The intervention will be structured around the following axes

  • Grants Program
Support will be given to actions aimed at establishing strong links and high cooperation between Turkish local authorities and EU member states.
  • Visibility of the intervention
Tasks and activities in order to increase the visibility of the project and the grant scheme, and based on the previous experience of the City Twinning Program, participation in Committee of the Regions events will be ensured to increase the visibility of the project at EU level and on different platforms.

  • Capacity building
Training activities for the Union of Municipalities of Turkey and the rest of the entities involved, as well as local authorities.
  • Mobility and networking
The Program will implement the mobility component, to achieve goals such as: reactivating passive relationships, strengthening existing ones and establishing new ones; encouraging the development of joint project proposals for grant programs; supporting the participation of Turkish local authorities in EU-based city networks; and helping them to expand their network by participating in related events in the EU.

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